Monsoon Gears For Bike Riding


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Most bike riding enthusiasts have a passion for covering long trails in the mountains. The roaring motorcycles smoothly gliding through the meandering paths of the mountains -are a sight to behold. Speed and the essence of adventure thrill the bike riders. But, riding on long trips is sometimes quite dangerous, especially in the monsoons.  


Unfortunately, wet and slippery roads cause a lot of accidents every single year. So, if you are planning for a road trip this monsoon, you better prepare yourself. Every riding trip needs a lot of preparation and pre-planning to make the journey comfortable and trouble-free. Many gears and accessories for bike riders are available in the market for enhancing riders’ convenience.  

Why Is Monsoon Dangerous For Bike Riding?  

  • In monsoons, motorcycles often skid because of the wet roads. Especially the rough roads in India are quite dangerous during this season. So, if you are a rider wanting to set out on a long journey during the rainy season, consider checking the tyres’ condition. Also, let the rain set in before leaving for the journey and be extra careful on roads.  


  • Rainwater is harmful to your motorcycle if some of it seeps inside the vehicle. Sometimes, the rainwater damages the spark plug and the engine. It also damages the outer layer of the vehicle and drenches the seats. Wet seats make the driving experience quite uncomfortable. 
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  • On wet roads, you must maintain a safe distance from the vehicles ahead of you. If any one of it skids, you can observe and keep your motorcycle safe from any unpleasant accident. 


  • In rainy weather, the sky is almost all the time dark and cloudy, which is highly risky for riders. The dark environment makes it difficult to spot other cars and any obstacles on road. So, you must keep your headlights on all the time to reduce the risk of accidents.  


  • If you are on a journey towards an unknown place, do some research about the route.  


  • Keep your mobile phone inside a mobile pouch, otherwise, rainwater can damage it too. 


Be Prepared For The Unplanned Situations: – 

If you are planning a road trip in the rainy season, you must be quite careful while preparing for it. While bike riding in this season is risky you have to be highly cautious on roads. Get your vehicle servicing done before the journey and ride only if you are confident and comfortable. 


 Do not agree on a road trip just because all your fellow group members are ready to go. Only you can gauge your potential, so be prepared for extreme conditions. You may have to get entirely drenched and will have to drive for miles in wet clothes.  


Also, in heavy rains most roadside shops close pretty early. So, if you depend on roadside tea stalls or food joints you might be disappointed.  


Which Bike Gears And Accessories Are Best For Monsoon?  

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Shoe Protector– In the monsoon season, Indian roads are usually full of mud and dirt. It always makes your expensive rider boots dirty. Therefore, buying shoe protectors is an easy solution to this problem. A good quality leather boot is quite expensive, so you should invest in a pair of good shoe protectors. 


Phone Pouch– All of us carry a mobile phone all the time and on trips, it is even more useful. Locating places using Google maps, contacting friends and family, paying online, and asking for help in an emergency- the phone is highly important. So, in rainy weather, you must protect your phone from getting drenched in rainwater. It can damage your phone and in an emergency, you will not be able to contact anyone. So, carrying a phone pouch is essential.  


Sunglass Case– While bike riding your eyes need protection from the glaring sunrays. After a splash of rain, the sky is often so clear that a rider needs a pair of sunglasses to cover their eyes from the blazing sun. In rain, you should keep those glasses in a protective case to reduce the risk of breakage.  


Riding Boots- Riding boots are essential riding gear all season but in monsoon they are unavoidable. They protect your legs from being dirty from the rainwater and mud on the streets.  


Tank Bags– If you are heading on a long bike riding trip in the monsoon, you must carry a few extra things. For example, extra pairs of pants and jackets, ready-to-eat food packets, some extra medicines etc. To carry all these things you will need a tank bag other than your backpack. Tank bags are easy to carry on the sides of a motorcycle.  

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In the rainy season, you must prepare your riding gear and accessories before leaving for a trip. These gears are extremely helpful in the course of the journey.  

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