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Goa has been a hub for tourists from the past few decades and the reason behind this popularity is the fact that Goa is full of mysteries and is a paradise for vacation lovers. People spend their time in  to relax and get away from the stress and anxiety which continuously bothers them in their daily life. Here they can enjoy themselves to the fullest and have a peace of mind. 


Goa is one of the best spots with some of the most beautiful and amazing beaches in the world, where people may participate in festivities, water sports, and other stuff. Mandrem Beach, Agonda Beach, Baga Beach, Candolim Beach, and many other well-known beaches in Goa are visited by many people. The breathtaking beauty of Goa makes the trip an experience that travellers will never forget. To learn about the top attractions in Goa that you must not miss, read this article before booking a flight there.

Grande island:

Visit Grand Island while you are in Goa and engage in the aquatic activity of scuba diving. One of the most promising water activities in this area is it. In the Arabian Sea, the Grande Island offers the best scuba diving in the entire globe. With an excellent diving course, you have the chance to discover the fascinating seaside treasures. 


The rider always has qualified professional and safety equipment with them while participating in this 45-minute sport. Book a room at a hotel in Goa close to Grande Island and spend time with your friends.

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North Goa and its excitement:

For those seeking tranquillity and calm, South Goa is a secluded location that is ideal. It is renowned for its stunning scenery and historic structures. On the other side, partygoers should visit North Goa. North Goa has several fantastic nightclubs and dining options if you’re in Goa with friends. 


The Amazing Night Bazaar, conducted every Saturday, is not to be missed. Additionally, North Goa’s beaches are dotted with little shacks and cafes where you can drink alcohol and dance to wonderful music. Therefore, North Goa is what you need for that hyped-up experience.

The secret beach of Kakolem:

Most of Goa’s beaches are well-known and quite popular with tourists. Well, Kakolem Beach is an exception to this rule. people wanting to spend quiet time alone or with a romantic relationship, it is a hidden treasure. This beach, also called Tiger Beach, is a safe haven where you can experience adventure. 


Due to the lack of tourist traffic, this beach is not much known to the people and is thus peaceful unlike some of Goa’s other well-known beaches. By using NH 66, you can reach this beach.

Hot air balloon ride in Assolda ground:

It’s time to engage in a hot air balloon ride once you’ve tried scuba diving and snorkelling and conquered the sea. You can experience the nicest hot air balloon ride ever at the Assolda Ground in Goa. 


If you’re in South Goa, it’s a fantastic adventure that you can’t miss! Once you’ve had an opportunity to take in Goa’s coastal beauty, it’s time to participate in the hot balloon adventure that Assolda Ground in Goa has provided. 

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Todo Waterfall:

Todo waterfall is the ideal location for you to be if you enjoy trekking and adventure. As it involves an expedition on the mountain, this great activity is for individuals who love mountains. Trekking here is enjoyable, and it offers a thrilling experience that no one wants to miss. 


From Panjim, the Goa state capital, travellers will be hand-picked in air-conditioned vehicles for the eight AM departure. Even if you decide against participating in the primary hiking experience, it is still worthwhile to travel here.

Spice plantations:

Explore the fresh plantation while it is fragrant and know about the different spices. Two of the most well-known plantations that you  must see are Savoi plantations and Sahakar Spice Farm. You get to play with the beautiful tuskers in addition to taking in the natural beauty and visiting the plantation, which is one of the top things to do in Goa. 


Above were some of the best places that you should not miss while you visit Goa.Although there are a number of other places that need to be visited if you plan to visit Goa for some vacation tour but you can make sure that the tours of these places will be nothing  less than some fantasy tour for  you and can also assure that you will not regret your decision.

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