How To Rank Higher in Google Maps Pack?

In the digital era, everything happens online. Nowadays, whether you want to grab a coffee or go to a doctor, the first place you visit is Google. Google helps you with its local search results to decide which place is best for you.


So, aiming for a good ranking at Google, or more precisely, at Google Maps, is crucial for all local businesses. If you are wondering how to do this effectively, go through the handy tips we have curated for you below. 

12 Ways to Rank Higher in Google Maps Pack

Here are 12 clever ways to improve your search results ranking on Google Maps Pack:

  • Create Or Claim a Google Business Profile (GBP)

The most crucial aspect of any local business is to have a Google Business Profile. If you have not created one yet, it is high time you do! You can also search for your business name on the Google Business Profile website. If one already exists, claim it. 


  • Add Accurate and Updated Information

Creating a Google Business Profile isn’t everything. The pivotal part is adding accurate information. Your NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) on GBP should be accurate and up to date. Updating information provided on GBP is mandatory, as failing here can lead to negative reviews. Also, ensure that the information you add on GBP matches the information on your website’s Contact Us page.


  • Take Advantage of Visual Media

Users consider businesses that provide photos or videos to be more trustworthy. That is why Google ranks such businesses higher on SERP. So, make sure to add quality pictures of your institution on GBP to attract more consumers. If possible, make it a habit to upload at least one picture weekly. 

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  • Provide A Local Contact Number

Businesses that add toll-free numbers as contact information usually rank lower as Google doesn’t trust such numbers. So make sure to add a local contact number to your GBP profile.


  • Use Keywords Judiciously

Optimizing your website is a critical step in search engine optimization. First, research for relevant keywords and add them to essential sections of your website, like the home page, products and services page, and the main sections of your blog posts. 


  • Update Your Hours.

It is crucial to ensure that the working hours you provide on GBP are accurate and up to date. You can imagine a user’s reaction if they show up at your business only to find it closed. So, do not forget to provide the proper working hours of your institution and any changes in these on a particular day of the week. If possible, try to mention the institution’s functionality on holidays. 


  • Choose The Correct Categories

When creating a GBP profile, you must select the accurate categories in which your business falls. Select the most appropriate category as the primary category and any related ones as your secondary categories. These small factors influence your Google Maps ranking


  • Ask For and Work on User Reviews

Do not hesitate to ask for user reviews after providing the best quality service. And once you start getting reviews, always take time to respond to them appropriately. Appreciate the positive reviews with grateful replies. As for negative reviews, always acknowledge them and ensure rectifications in the replies. 

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  • Optimize Your Website to Be Responsive and User-Friendly

Use on-page and off-page SEO strategies, backlink building, and keyword research to make your website more responsive and user-friendly. These are things that Google considers while ranking for SERP. 


  • Embed The Google Map on The Contact Us Info on Your Website

Another handy tip to rank higher on Google Maps Pack is to embed a Google Map with your accurate location onto the Contact Us page of your website. This creates an impression on Google that your business is proactive, relevant and trustworthy. 


  • Use Google Maps to Post Regular Updates About Your Business

Whenever you host an event, launch a new product or service, or achieve something big or small, post it on your GBP. Being regular with business updates online is a sign of a hard-working venture which Google won’t ignore. 


  • Optimize Your Website For Local Seo

Another vital thing to keep in mind is to optimize your website for local SEO. Make sure to add accurate listings in online directories, interact better within the local community, and optimize your site for all devices.


In short, to rank higher on Google Maps Pack, you need to make a collective effort both on the quality front as well as on the SEO front. And by using these techniques, you can deal with the SEO part effectively. 

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