Do Dham – A Religious Trip to Himalayas


It is said that the Do Dham Yatra is one of the most revered Hindu trips. The Yatra includes a trip to Badrinath and Kedarnath which are two of the most holy places in accordance with Hindu belief. It is believed that the Do Dham Yatra can wash all your sins away and show you the path to salvation. 

Peruse the following pages to learn more about these two heavenly destinations.The Do dham Yatra is completed from west to east.

Beginning at Kedarnath and Badrinath, Yamunotri and Badrinath, as well as Yamunotri Gangotri. The first phase of Yatra starts in Haridwar along with Rishikesh. The Yatra is a holy trip and the yatris believed that it cleanses them of their past sins and assists to achieve Nirvana.


DO Dham Yatra

The 4 Dhams contain Char Dham Yatra. Char Dham Yatra located in Uttarakhand

The Gangotri

  • Gangotri is Gangotri the seat of Goddess Ganga is visited by a large number of pioneers every day. Gangotri Dham is found 19 kilometers from Gaumukh where is the site of the the beginning the River Ganga. It is believed that Goddess Ganga was created as a river to cleanse his King Bhagiratha’s ancestral ancestors after the King pondered for many hours to please her. 


  • In Gangotri Dham, pioneers from all parts of the country come to purge their sins and find their way to redemption. Apart from Gangotri Dham, it is also possible to go to Gangotri Temple, Bhagirath Shila, Submerged Shivling and Pandava Gufa. Because the network of streets between and within the major urban areas of Uttarakhand is excellent You can easily get to Gangotri via the street.
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  • Kedarnath is a place that is famous for its staggering importance to the strict, Kedarnath Dham is believed to be among twelve Jyotirlingas located in India. It is surrounded by snow-covered mountains as well as breathtaking views, Kedarnath Temple is set in the Garhwal Himalayan Reach just a few kilometers from Mandakini River.

The History

According to the legends associated to the sanctuary the Lord Shiva disguised his body as an animal in order to stay away from Pandavas who wanted to plead with Lord Shiva to absolve him of his culpability for killing the Kauravas and their family members. When he was spotted by the Pandavas they were able to see Lord Shiva. 

He fell into the ground with only the mass of his body was left in the air. According to Hindu legend the Pandavas created a sanctuary at the site. It eventually became the holy Kedarnath sanctuary.

In addition to enjoying the serene climate and splendor, attending this Rudrabhishek Puja is most certainly an essential part of every lover’s Kedarnath Yatra program. The Puja is performed every day to seek out blessings from the Rudra form and Lord Shiva.



Kedarnath Temple entryways are opened to visitors in May. They close following Diwali.

Kedarnath Dham can’t be easily reached by public transport. To reach the sanctuary, embark on a 14-km upward route that begins from Gaurikund.

  • Badrinath is the home of the revered altar to contemplation that is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu, Badrinath Dham is located between the majestic Narayan and Nar mountains. It is among the most revered places of travel and forms the final part in the Do Dham Yatra. It is a stunning location with beautiful scenery and serene environment, the place is a paradise for those who love nature as well as nature lovers and adventure lovers.
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About the Importance

The significance of Badrinath Temple in the Do Dham Yatra is in the way it reflects an impression of Lord Vishnu’s love for humanity. According to legends Badrinath Temple was worked to worship and honor Lord Vishnu who sat under the Badri tree for 1000 years back to back. A very long time to seek humanity’s government aid.

A visit to the Badrinath Yatra can’t be viewed as complete until you have taken one of the holy Tapt Kund. The hot water spring is believed as the residence to Lord Agni. According to some, cleaning in the pool is a way of washing away all your wrongdoings that you’ve committed in your daily life. 


Nearby Places

In addition to Badrinath Temple, as well as Tapt Kund, the heavenly town also has a sacred site known as Vyas Gufa. It is believed that Lord Ganesha helped Maharishi Vyas in rewriting theMahabharata within this cave. The pioneers are also able to explore the stunning Mana Village, situated close to the Tibetan-Chinese line.

Badrinath Temple is opened for visitors every year in April/May. It remains open for about one-half of the year.



Kedarnath as well as Badrinath is a couple of otherworldly sins that are mostly known by their Do Dham Yatra.


People travel to the holy place Badrinath to see them Vishnu Bhagwan in the double kind in the form of Nar Narayan. On the other hand, those who love Lord Shiva climb mountains and conquer their fear of levels and go to Kedarnath to seek for one of twelve Jyotirlingas from Shiva Lord.



Travelling involves cleansing one’s mind of any stress and anxiety and being absorbed in the fervor of the Guru getting to his entrance and feeling the energy. In the midst of an intimate and reflective time it is possible for one to get rid of worries about issues like tickets, lodging booking,


Planning a trip seems easy. But, in regards to organization with execution and coordination, you have to put in an enormous amount of effort to ensure the smoothest and most enjoyable trip.


Individuals plan to Do Dham Yatra for the seniors in their families or for family members so it is an enjoyable, safe and enjoyable excursion.

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