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Easy Merry Christmas Drawing For Kids

In Drawing For Kids, Apples, wafers, tinsel, sweetmeats, and paper roses made in different colors were traditionally used to decorate Christmas trees. Candles first lighted it in the 18th century, but with the development of electricity, Christmas lights eventually took their place. Many different types of traditional ornaments are available now, including garlands, baubles, tinsel, and candy canes. An angel or star may be positioned at the top of the tree to symbolize the Angel Gabriel or the Star of Bethlehem from the Nativity.

A decorated tree, typically an evergreen conifer like spruce, pine, or fir or an artificial tree with a similar appearance, is known as a Christmas tree and is linked with the Christmas holiday. Learn how to draw a Christmas tree in this straightforward, step-by-step tutorial in a fun, engaging way. In the next two minutes, you only need a pen and some paper to start drawing a Christmas tree!

Trees were painted similarly, progressing from a clear light green value to a darker value as shadows were gradually added. We combined blue with our greens to achieve a more profound, excellent evergreen tint. For the tree texture, we flicked lines outward with our brush. Once dry, a colored pencil was applied on top to create more surface for the trees.

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How to Draw a Christmas Tree in 13 Steps

  • “Ha ha ha!” Prepare for Santa’s arrival by creating a Christmas tree for him. Let’s start by drawing the tree’s pointed top. Make leaf markings, then remove the line at an angle that meets the spot you started with before drawing a descending line at an angle.
  • Draw a second, more significant layer similar to this one underneath it to continue and create the middle of the tree. Draw another layer much more extensive so that there is space for presents under your tree.
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  • The trunk of your Christmas tree is made up of a few straight lines. What support is your tree resting on? To represent snow, draw some wavy lines below the trunk.
  • Your tree can now be decorated! Make standing, ragged semicircles for snow starting at the bottom left corner and extending from the last sharp section to the penultimate one. Go ahead and repeat the process on the right side of the second layer.
  • Draw some streamers at the top of the tree now. Create curled ribbon-like forms at both the beginning and the end of the tree top.
  • Lights on! For these, create semicircles that hang from the top layer. A curved diagonal line should cut through the second layer. Draw lines over the third and fourth layers, beginning on the right side.
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  • For the lights, little doodle circles on these lines.
  • To the left, draw and decorate a stocking in the center of the tree.
  • In the following layer, draw a candy cane on the opposite side.
  • You can add a bow beneath the candy cane in the last layer.
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  • Down below the stocking, draw a star.
  • Your tree with color! You can vary between light and dark green hues in your tree layers. The star and lights should be yellow. The other ornaments might be red. To make the tree appear natural, paint the snowy areas white.
  • Add stars to the tree’s top and pointy end portions to complete it.
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