Superheroes Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Superheroes Drawing For Kids

In Drawing For Kids superheroes are popular right now. They appear in numerous vintage comic books, films, books, toys, and other media. They represent for many kids an absolute classic of childhood. Whether Superman, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, or perhaps the Green Lantern are your favorite characters, you’ll love this simple superhero. With our How to Draw a Superhero guide, you can learn how to draw one of these well-known comic book characters. Our superhero has a slight Superman-inspired twist. However, feel free to customize it and pick your colors!

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While drawing a superhero using these step-by-step instructions, practice a few fundamental shapes.

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Draw your superhero and use it as a birthday party activity or to place on the refrigerator or a bulletin board.

Advice before you start drawing: Drawing a line in the middle of your page, in the vertical and horizontal directions, can be helpful. Students can use these lines as suggestions to indicate where to place their upcoming drawings.

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Draw A Superhero

Step 1:

  • First, draw the head.
  • Starting at the top, draw a curved line. Make a diagonal, horizontal line at each end of the line. Join the two lines at the bottom (the chin) using a vertical line.

Step 2:

  • Draw the superhero’s hair in step two.
  • This cloaked knight has a thick mane of hair. A thin vertical line off the side of the skull serves as the beginning point. Draw two V-shaped hair pieces up and over the top of the head to complete the style (in a U-shape). Don’t forget the curly cue from the superhero! Our superhero ought to have a lock of hair that falls (and curls) in the middle of his forehead, much like Superman does.
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Step 3: 

  • Draw two vertical lines, one from each head side. A long vertical line should be drawn connecting the bottom two lines. This will represent the shoulders of the superhero. Draw a curved line that meets in the middle at each end of the vertical line. The body ought to resemble a triangle.
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Step 4:

  • I made an effort to depict his legs as having some muscle. Draw two lines away from the body’s lower third to accomplish this. These lines ought to be slightly curved. Make the feet by sketching a curved horizontal line (for the toe area). Finish the legs off with two curved lines that intersect.
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Step 5:

  • Draw superhero biceps in step five (upper arms)
  • Although I created the superhero with his arms extended upward, feel free to draw him in other positions!

Step 6:

  • Draw a succession of curved and straight lines to begin the biceps. For more thorough information on how to do this, refer to the YouTube instructional. This one might be a little bit challenging. Take your time, please!
  • Draw superhero forearms in step six.
  • It’s time to sketch the gloves and forearms! These are made up of a collection of curved lines. As a reference, use the illustration below.

Step 7:

  • Draw the superhero’s belt and cape in step seven.
  • On the hero’s shoulders is the cape. The peak of the projection should be cut in a semicircle from shoulder to shoulder. Then, draw two diagonal, smooth lines with side-curving ends. A curved line is used to join the lines (representing the bottom portion of the cape).
  • A few primary lines make up the belt. Draw two parallel, vertical lines first, about 3/4 of the way down the body. Draw four straight vertical lines to represent the buckles to complete the belt.

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