Illegal Immigration in Turkey

The countries targeted to be a destination for immigrants include those who are illegally in these countries or are legally in the country and cannot leave the country during the time frame they are permitted to remain within. The source countries don’t comply with the required procedures when departing their home countries. The top lawyers may be found at Immigration solicitors in London, who are renowned for providing the highest quality legal services in the city.

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What is Illegal Immigration in Turkey?

Illegal immigration to Turkey is when a person enters an unlawful country, remaining in a country without permission or entering legally, but staying in the country for longer than the legal time frame. Illegal immigration is a problem that must be assessed by the government of the destination for immigration as well as that of the origin country and the transit country, each individually.

The countries targeted or planned for immigration are those that are illegally in these countries or legally and cannot leave the country during the period they are permitted to remain within. The sources countries are those who don’t adhere to the proper procedures for departing their home countries.

The issue of illegal immigration has become a matter of concern in particular for the countries of the receiving. The increase in organized crime has heightened the gravity of the problem, as several criminal networks worldwide specialize in transporting immigrants in illegal and dangerous ways to pay exorbitant sums. It is often resolved by exploiting these people in practice known as trafficking in people and trading in human organs.

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The issue of illegal immigration was made more difficult after it was revealed that many countries in the northern regions could not accommodate the massive number of immigrants, particularly following the global economic crisis, and the conditions of living worsened for people of these nations.


The above and other issues have prompted the international community to adopt agreements that would stop illegal immigration. Ultimately, this issue is now subject to debate between criminal and civil law, and there are divergent opinions. The most important question is the subject of our study: is illegal immigration an illegal or permissible act?

Is Illegal Immigration a Crime or a Permissible Act?

The crime of unlawfully leaving the territory of the country is regarded as one of the new crimes because punitive legislation didn’t realize it until the end of the 20th century and the start of the 21st century, which was after the closing of the borders of the state and the enactment of laws that regulate the movement of people as well as money, in conjunction with the advancement of transportation that relieved from the challenges and difficulties of traveling from one place to another.

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The documents and administrative decisions made in Turkey against illegal immigrants

The dangers of illegal immigrants and their effect on security are among the latest security threats. It has implications for the principal values of safety across its different dimensions. Turkey is among the countries that have to deal with the issue. It is known as illegal migration and poses a threat to the security of Turkey. The Turkish state, in particular, serves as a transit point for illegal immigrants from different countries.

The primary concern that comes to one’s head is who is an outsider, or more precisely, when will I be considered an international citizen of a particular country, and what documents or administrative rules which will be handed down against me if I was residing without permission in Turkey or entered illegally into Turkey.

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First and foremost, a foreigner is an individual who does not have official citizenship in Turkey. The Republic of Turkey. The Exit Permit Document is issued if a foreigner is in Turkey longer than the allowed time. The Exit Permit Document is given to individuals who need who wish to quit Turkey within a specific time. There are also some Deportation centers where foreigners are held to ensure controlling administrative procedures.

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Administration control is the suspension of persons who are in deportation centers that are scheduled to deport people outside the borders, who are likely to flee or face disappearance, or have violated the rules for the entry and exit into Turkey and are proven to have used fake and not-official documents, or violated the time limit set for them by remaining within the Turkish border without providing an acceptable reason, or who is an imminent threat to the public order or security of the public or health.

The term “Adult Control Decision” refers to the Administrative Control Decision. Which is a final decision of the Immigration Department on the foreigners to be deported. They are likely to flee and could disappear with the execution of this decision. Those who have violated the rules regarding the entry and exit into Turkey that were proved to have used.  Fraudulent and non-official documents, persons who broke the time limit stipulated for them by remaining inside. Turkish borders without a valid reason, or who are a danger to the public order, public health or security. A Deportation Decision is taken in the case of people who have violated the law in specific cases.

A deportation decision is a process of implementing the decision on who is deported; the governor decides. That in person or following the directions by the General Directorate for those who violate the laws. The last one is an invitation for a person to depart Turkey will be made against those who must leave. Turkey by taking into consideration the decision of the deportation determination in which they are granted the opportunity to go. For no less than 15 days and not more than 30 calendar days to allow them to leave.


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