What exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a pervasive phenomenon that has done more than just take over the internet. It has become a significant part of our lives, influencing our surroundings now and then, without many exactly is digital of us even noticing it. 

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But what exactly is digital marketing? How does it influence us? And how is digital marketing benefiting?  

This article exists to answer all your possible queries about digital marketing. 

What is digital marketing? 

How does it influence our daily lives? 

How is Digital Marketing benefiting? 

Digital Marketing services in Ashburn. 

What is digital marketing? 

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The simplest definition of digital marketing can be given in three words: Marketing but online. 

It means that digital marketing is actually a method of marketing goods and services online. This means of marketing involves using social media, advertisements, websites, blog posts, TV commercials, and generally, the World Wide Web.  

How does it influence our lives? 

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Digital marketing has evolved over the years to the extent that just by understanding it, one might get a vague idea of how it has taken over our lives. 

 Think about it; we start each day by scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, replying to a chat on WhatsApp, or listening to Spotify while we eat breakfast. Browsing YouTube has become common during work, and so has watching television the moment you come back home. 

Moving on, heartbreaking ads about the environment might have caused you to make that donation to the Tree planting project, or an interactive form might have caused you to sign up for that old newsletter. This is because advertisements and posters, interactive forms, and attractive thumbnails all the time keep your curiosity up to its peak, literally inviting the consumer to click on them. More importantly, these advertisements and forms are all about some organization or someone trying to sell the consumer their product or services.  

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 The point is, by blending into the ever-changing digital world, digital marketing has started to gain control over consumer choices by showing them the marketable content that interests them. This is how it influences us all. 

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 How is digital marketing benefiting?  


 Digital marketing is beneficial not only for the ones selling their services (digital marketers) but also for the ones who buy those services and products(consumers). And while there are many benefits of digital marketing, it is outside the scope of this article to mention them all. 

 A great interest for both the marketer and the consumer is that the consumer gets to enjoy the product and services which feel exclusively exactly is digital made for them. In contrast, the marketer targets the right potential customers (all thanks to internet cookies). 

 A plus point for digital marketers is that they get to launch, sell and or advertise their services while reducing the costs to a minimum; on the other hand, the consumer also gets to buy the products or services with minimal costs and a guarantee of quality.  

Digital marketing services in Ashburn 


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