What to Look for When Choosing an Indian iOS and Android App Development Company

Statista reports that India has 18% of global IT spending for fiscal 2020. India’s mobile application development firms make up a significant Android App portion of this.

App developers in India are affordable and reliable, making them a popular choice for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large corporations. Numerous Indian app development companies offer reliable services at a reasonable price.

It can be difficult to choose the best from the many. The good news is that it’s not difficult if you have the right tips. This blog will discuss the top 17 tips to help you choose the best Indian mobile app development companies.

Before you move on to the next item! First, let’s take a moment to remember some basics. You will find the following information in this blog:

  • App development outsourcing model
  • App development staffing model
  • Mobile app development services are India’s top choice.
  • The top 17 tips to choosing an Indian Android & iOS development company

Outsourcing Model


Software development outsourcing allows you to hand the project over to a well-respected mobile app development company with a budget.

This is a simple model and, depending on your needs and requirements, you can be kept informed about the progress of the project through weekly or monthly reports.

This model is best for those who need an MVP quickly, are unable to monitor complex details, and don’t have a lot of IT experience.

Model of Out-Staffing


Out-staffing allows you to hire an app development team or one developer. They will work under your strict supervision. You can release the developer’s entire team depending on the contract. You can also hire app developers from India to work on a new project.

If you’re a technical expert who wants to lead the team, hiring a developer is a great option.

We have covered the basic models for hiring a mobile app development company. Let us now examine why India is the best choice for your software project.

These are the Top Benefits of App Development in India

Development costs reduced


Indian developers are well-known for their lower development costs than European developers. A simple android app can cost around $30,000 in India. For a simple app, the cost of android development in Europe is more than $50,000

Software outsourcing statistics show that app development services in India can reduce the overall budget by between 20% and 30%. Reasons for the low fees are due to the Indian standard of living. The Indian peninsula has a relatively low income, making it possible to live comfortably.

A large talent pool


According to GitHub, India is among the top countries with the most developers. HackerRank ranks India 31 on the list of top-quality developers, with a score of just 76. Although India has yet to make great strides, it is worth connecting with top Indian mobile app developers.

According to GitHub reports, India will be the country with the most developers by 2024. Hiring local developers can be difficult due to a lack of skilled teams and a shortage of talent. However, India has multiple options for hiring app developers.

High-Quality Adherence


Smooth development of any software project is made easier by the deployment of top iOS app developers and android developers. Surprisingly India is the country with the most ISO-certified companies.

India’s top iOS and Android developers ensure high-quality software testing to ensure reliability, efficiency, security, and compliance with coding standards.

Zero Communication Barriers


India is home to the second-largest number of English speakers worldwide, so it’s not difficult for Android developers to be fluent in English. English is the official language of India and the preferred language for communication with other states.

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India’s mobile app development companies offer multiple communication options, including calls, emails, and live chats. This allows for closer oversight of the project. You can trust India’s app development companies with smooth communication channels, no matter where you are.

Round the Clock Services


India’s leading Android app development company manages the time difference by working 24 hours a day. Companies create and implement workplace policies that are beneficial to both employees and clients. Indian IT laws encourage the development of projects and facilitate work policies.

High Cultural Values


Indian Android developers are known for their creative and admirable services. Indian culture views work as worship. They are open-minded and creative when designing and developing projects.

With an Indian app developer who is skilled in iOS and Android, it’s easy to develop new features for your app.

This was all about the advantages of using Indian iOS and Android app development companies. These top tips will help you connect with the best iOS and Android development companies in India.

These are 17 Top Tips to Choose the Best iOS and Android App Development Company

  1. Analyze the Relative Experience

When choosing an android development company to work on your business project, make sure you look at the experience level of the firm in software development. Although the company may be relatively new or experienced, the available android developers should have at least five years’ experience in app development projects.

You should look for experience specific to your project. This could be eCommerce, a B2B portal, or a healthcare app. To assess the experience and skills of the team, you can request a resume.

  1. Check out Accolades and Certifications

Based on its outstanding performance, the firm must have been awarded the best Android app development company or iOS company. You can check for any awards and recognitions the firm has received over the years. Clutch and GoodFirms are rating agencies that award such awards based on reviews, ratings, etc.

  1. Take a Business Perspective

A team of business-minded android developers is the best. It is not a good idea to hire android app developers without a business perspective. Developers who have experience with the target audience and professional knowledge are required to create a smooth, working app.

Hire Indian android developers for eCommerce projects, B2B portals, and B2C portals.

  1. Review Previous Projects

You should spend some time looking at their past projects to determine the experience, strength, and capability of an Indian Android or iOS developer. To attract clients, the best iOS app development companies will show off their past projects.

You might want to create an eCommerce app. To see the quality of the projects, simply go to the company’s website under the ‘Case Studies” section. This will allow you to see if the company can provide your idea in an app form. If not, you can look for another option.

  1. Search for Domain Specialization

Your idea could be related to media & entertainment or business growth. No matter what your idea, the Indian Android or iPad app developer must have experience in it. Healthcare apps work best when they comply with HIPAA, LMS apps with SCORM compliance are preferred, etc.

The firm chosen will have domain specialization, which means they are well-versed in the basic functions, rules, and regulations of your industry. To ensure that you make informed app design and development decisions, hire iOS app developers in India who have a basic understanding of your industry.

  1. Review the results

Trusted and reliable Indian app development companies for Android and iPhone apps will not hesitate to share the positive and negative feedback of previous clients. You can also talk to previous clients to make sure you’re making the right decision.

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Talking with previous clients will increase your confidence in the firm and help you make an informed decision. Before deciding to hire an Indian company for Android and iOS development, many consumers review multiple companies.

  1. Explore the available communication options

You will receive real updates on the project’s progress in monthly and weekly reports. You don’t have to limit your communication to reports. Multiple communication channels, such as calls or live chats, facilitate the transparent flow and exchange of ideas.

It is important not to lose an idea you had mid-project or be uncomfortable with the way the hired iOS app developers are leading the project. You and the developer can communicate easily using open and seamless channels.

  1. You can check Ratings on Independent Platforms

Clutch and GoodFirms are independent rating agencies that can help you select the best app development company. These agencies evaluate the development companies based on multiple criteria. These are some of the most important parameters:

  • Review of clients who have been here before.
  • Qualitative clients
  • High-quality projects
  • Reputation on social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, etc.
  • Marketing activities & geolocation
  • Services available

They not only investigate the enterprise’s reputation but also provide insight on the company’s foundation year, hourly iOS & Android programmer for hire charges, office establishments, and so forth.

  1. NDA Policy Available

Entrepreneurs and businesses are now concerned about the theft of new app ideas due to the millions of available mobile apps. To combat this situation, top firms require that android and iOS app developers are subject to strict NDA policies.

Your idea is protected and secure against theft by having a non-disclosure agreement. Ask the company about its NDA policies. To avoid idea theft, hire app developers in India who are open to signing strict NDA agreements.

  1. App Store Optimization (ASO), is something you should consider

App Store Optimization can be a crucial tool in your app’s success. App Store Optimization (ASO) increases the app’s visibility on the app market and app store, which in turn improves its conversion rates. This process can be used on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The team optimizes many things such as the name of the app, title, screenshot, and so on to ensure that the app reaches its intended audience. Ask the leader of the app team’s android developer about the AOS strategies he/she uses.

  1. Ask your client about retention rates

The company’s client retention rate directly reflects the value of the business. Investors can withdraw from projects for many reasons, including lack of reliability in customer service and compatibility issues.

A high client retention rate indicates that the enterprise is offering high value for money. ProfitWell states that IT service companies with a client retention rate of 81% or higher have a high level of client retention.

High-performing development companies achieve an effective retention rate of 90% or more, as their focus is always on the success and satisfaction of the customers.

  1. Monetization Strategies

The top app-creating companies offer a variety of money-making strategies for the app. These are the most common:

  • In-app advertising: If your app has a large consumer base, then in-app marketing can be a great way to make money.
  • In-app purchase: You can purchase certain features in-app by paying a subscription fee.
  • Paid app model: Experienced marketing strategies are required for the success and growth of the paid app model.
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After carefully studying the market, the development company must integrate a powerful monetization strategy. To increase the App’s ROI, you can use a combination of different monetization strategies.

  1. Price Matching Available

You can price match with the company to get standard development rates for your app development project. You can address any excessive charges incurred during project development by price matching.

  1. Project Warranty

App development projects are covered by top development companies with a 100% guarantee. Depending on the nature of the contract, the project warranty can last from 90 days up to one year.

The software warranty states that the development team will resolve any discrepancies between the product delivered and the one specified. The developer’s team will make necessary changes to the code of the app to resolve any discrepancies between the promised features and the actual product.

  1. Deliver your project on time

Is the firm able to follow the first-time-right approach? Does it invest in the high-quality UI and UX design of the app? FTR allows software development to be completed within the timeframe.

A team of experienced developers can integrate APIs and use frameworks to finish the project on schedule. The project’s planned marketing strategy is made easier by the timely delivery of the app.

An MVP (minimum viable product), is another option. This will reduce the development time and cost of the app.

  1. App Submission Services

It’s an easy task for hiring iOS app developers in India. However, it is worth discussing whether additional charges are incurred for app submission. App submission fees vary depending on which platform you choose, but they are generally much lower for Android. The offer usually covers app submission fees.

Although the Google Play Store requires a one-time payment, Apple charges an annual fee of $99. If you release an app for an enterprise iOS, the costs go up.

It is also important to discuss with third-party platforms what is being considered for the app’s high reach towards consumers.

There are many third-party apps available for Android, including APKPure and Samsung Galaxy Apps.

For iOS, AppValley and TutuApp are the top tiers of third-party app store stores. GetJar is another example.

  1. Discuss Post-development Services

You need to know the details of the company’s post-development support before you hire app developers in India for Android or iOS. The app is available for feedback, both positive and negative, once it’s released to the app store or app market.

After an app is released to the store, it’s common for minor bugs and glitches to be detected. Development firms offer standard post-development services that include bug fixes, security, and app maintenance.

Post-development services are dependent on the development contract between you and your firm. Additional charges for the integration and modification of minor features can lead to unexpected financial consequences.

It is important to discuss the details of service availability after the app has been delivered to the target audience.

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These are the top tips and benefits of hiring a mobile app development company in India. This article should help you choose the right app development company for your project.

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