Weed: Are peddlers still the king or have online stores conquered them?

Hashish, weed, ganja, or marijuana, no matter whatever you refer to it as this magician of a plant is one of the best things ever discovered and cultivated by humans. Historical records suggest that weed was a popular source of intoxication during with medieval period, with bhaang, an extract of the weed plant, being widely used in the Indian subcontinent since almost 2000 years ago. 

Nowadays, with legislation loosening all around the world, and as people slowly but gradually start to realize that weed isn’t such a bad thing, their black marketing, smuggling, and racketeering have come down immensely. Here, we would be taking a look at the various methods that one can take to buy weed in the UK, and which one is the best and safest at that. So, let’s start

Where shall I buy hash from?

This is a question that may be loitering on your mind ever since you considered smoking up for the first time, and yes, the question is quite valid and baffles a lot of potential weed consumers on a daily basis. The thing is, once weed was regulated and criminalized in the past, its widespread availability through legal means was stifled overnight, and this stream of legitimate revenue switched over to the black market, and various cartels and gangs soon took over the supply of this amazing plant at a major scale.

As time passed, the only place from where one can buy weed turned out to be the streetside vendors and peddlers, or if you were willing to spend big, at casinos, bars, and exotic destinations. We would start our list off with these peddlers, and try to explore whether they are worth it, especially considering the fact that weed has been legalized. 

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Streetside peddlers

Once weed started to get regulated and restricted in several parts of the world, with the charge being led by the western countries primarily, legal weed vanished from the legitimate stores in several parts of the world, and legitimate weed farms were burnt down indiscriminately and cruelly. But as we know it, money and high did find a way after all, and several. Underground farms and supply chains soon mushroomed around the world. At their peak in the second half of the 20th century, each cartel that was related to this trade was. Raking in millions on a daily basis, and huge amounts of illegitimate, and. Quite degraded quality weed began to hit the streets all over. To buy weed during these dark days, you either had to know someone who sold weed or someone who consumed a lot of hash.

While the reign of these cartels and peddlers was long-lived and. Extremely fruitful, the customer side of things wasn’t so good after all. Despicable quality, extremely high prices, weed packs filled with twigs and seeds. And an overall ambience of lawlessness and crime, plagued this era. In some cases, weed, and gang-based violence turned really hot, and these made headlines all around the world. 

Street peddling of weed is gradually declining, and as legislations loosen around. The world, their need and essentiality in the system are being questioned as well. Although a small collective of people swears by these dealers. Most have moved away and opted for online mediums, which we would be talking about next. 

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Online stores

Nothing defines the modern commercial scenario better than eCommerce and the widespread proliferation of internet-based commercial services. But if something like Amazon can crack the logistics and business code, thereby allowing anyone to buy.  Whatever they want from any corner of the world, why can’t one buy hash in a similar manner?

Well, that is exactly what is happening now. But first, there is something that we want to clarify, that is. By online mediums, we are referring to legal and regulated. Online stores, and not web peddlers who’ve been known to sell weed and hash over the dark web discreetly. 

With that out of the way, let’s address the elephant in the room. The legalization and decriminalization of weed have allowed legitimate. Businesses to set up online platforms to sell good quality weed to clients legally and safely. The weed that one buys from these websites is top-notch and is delivered. Safely to the buyer’s front door, thereby avoiding any untoward incidents as well. 

Besides being legal, safe, and of superior quality, there is another major. Factor that makes the idea of buying weed online a good one. You see, one can score a wide variety of weed from these online sources. Something that wasn’t possible in the case of streetside peddlers. 

On top of all this, the prices that these websites charge for their stuff are pretty. Affordable and competitive as well and aren’t as exorbitant as street stuff.  

All these factors clearly put the idea of buying weed online in the lead, and as a result, several online stores are growing rapidly, and with the advent of accessible internet, people from a wide geographical region can buy hash from these sites. 

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Final take:

Weed is a magical plant that packs a lot of potential, be it recreational, medicinal, or commercial. Once decriminalization and legalization took place on a major scale, online stores are the play to go if you are looking to buy hash that’s not only best-in-class but also competitively priced. So, in conclusion, it can be safely said that online stores have conquered peddlers for good. 

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