Importance of trademark for startups

Whether unique or ordinary, a business idea requires recognition to survive the industry competition. When you are working with a business plan and have everything planned and set up, what remains of utmost importance is to undergo Marka tescil registration to protect the idea and the business proposal. Considering a  Marka Patent, one can ensure that someone cannot use the business idea or the trademark without permission and helps prevent the use of a similar trademark by others. 

For any business big or small, trademarks are essential to safeguard the idea and the services or goods they sell. However, for a startup opting for trademark registration can be beneficial and important. When we look at the various goliath brands that have possibly made it big in the business and have managed to develop a monopolistic association between the products and the brands, we understand the benefits of trademarks. Companies like Jacuzzi, Band-Aid, and Pampers, are a few to name where customers have subconsciously considered their trademarks as the product rather than the brand. As a startup, these recognitions can be both alluring and achievable, and to make sure that when opportunities come calling the brand is ready to take a leap, a trademark plays a vital role. 

Some reasons why trademark registration is essential for a startup:

Prevents legal trouble in the future:

Not registering the trademark for a company can leave the business open to lawsuits with companies who have a similar trademark registered for an identical service or good. If in the future a company with a similar name, logo, colour, and design for a homogenous business then the unregistered company will be forced to make changes and alter their identity. It is thus, recommended that businesses trademark registration should be completed with priority and should be the first thing that a business needs to take care of. Registering the trademark will also be helpful in protecting the business idea from being used without authorization.

Acts as a stimulus to hire employees:

Trademark registration brings a positive reputation for startups. And a business with good repute is capable to bring in some capable and distinguished employees on board. Startups that are planning to grow and expand would require to hire more employees and also opt for loans to support the expansion. Trademarks are a crucial asset as it ensures that the loan is granted. 

Creates brand recognition:

Trademarks serve as the intellectual property of a business. Trademarks help startups secure their brand and remain distinctive in terms of service and products from their competitors. It prevents the copying and stealing of business ideas by rivals, and helps preserve the brand identity. For creating brand recognition, trademarks play an important role.

An Important asset:

The trademark can act as a catalyst to increase the value of a startup business in the long run. It helps in adding value as the business matures and helps in the expansion of the business. A trademark can be used to promote marketing strategies that help in the enhancement of the brand and attract customers. When a startup attains positive repute the trademark is associated with its business, and consumers trust the trademark for their services or for products. 

A trademark is significant when a business is looking for: attaining more value by putting it up for sale, planning to branch into franchising through licensing, and considering diversifying its product or services.

Trademark is for a lifetime:

A trademark is a permanent entity which requires only periodic renewals. For most industry giants that have thrived for decades, the trademark remained the same and has managed to become the brand identification. So considering their examples, startups can understand why opting for a trademark can be beneficial in the long run. While applying for Marka tescil registration, it is essential that startups undergo thorough research to ensure that their application is accepted by the governing body. On the contrary, startups can also use the services of companies that are committed to patent and trademark registration.

Reflects Business:

Trademarking helps businesses in reflecting the idea that they trust their business idea and are hopeful of making it a success. A successful business without a trademark can lead to legal troubles with people fighting to avail the success of the business empire. And this could lead to years of legal battles and confusion. So, to make things easier and avoid the legal trouble it is better to go an extra mile and register the trademark for ease of business.

Provides a Sense of Autonomy:

A startup is entitled to many industry blows and brutal blows that make it difficult to survive. However, registering the trademark can help them spread the word about their business idea and how much they mean business. A trademark shows the professionalism of the business and the people behind it and helps in maintaining good standing.

Bottom Line

The trademark registration should be the priority for any upcoming startups. The Marka Patent will help in protecting a business and enabling its success in the long run. For any startup to survive the initial blows of the market and gain an advantageous position to circumvent future financial losses, it is essential to be secured and a trademark does it for them. 

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