Wrought Iron Gates: What makes them so popular?

Wrought iron has been a popular material used for manufacturing gates and furniture over the years. Wrought iron gates in Vancouver were primarily used for safety purposes and to restrict trespassing. However, fine craftsmanship and exquisitely wrought iron works have now added an element of design and aesthetic appeal to it. Getting wrought iron gates is no longer limited to safety purposes. Rather, it is now perceived to add value to the property and make it more appealing to the onlookers. 

Custom wrought iron gates can enhance the exterior appeal of your property while ensuring that it prohibits burglary or any forced entries. Gates lead the way to your property and therefore should be strong, beautiful, and functional at the same time. Wrought iron, being an extremely tough and resilient material emerges to be a top pick for gates and fencing tasks. There are many other alternatives to wrought iron when it comes to gates; however, none seems to outweigh its versatility and strength. While some materials may be tough and resilient, they give an unsightly look to your property. Similarly, those materials that can be structured into appealing designs may not offer standard security. 

Wrought Iron Gate: What is it? 


Known for high durability, malleability, and tensile strength, wrought iron gates prove to be a valuable addition to properties in terms of security, appeal, and privacy. Wrought iron is an iron alloy with very low carbon content and can be worked into a variety of structures for multiple uses. The high malleability of the wrought iron makes it a suitable material for driveways and other gates. These can be heated and reheated into fine ornamental metal works which is a key reason behind the growing popularity of wrought iron gates in Vancouver. Since wrought iron is a working iron and not cast, they tend to deliver more consistency while being worked into intricate patterns and designs. 


Wrought iron or Steel gates: Which is better? 


A lot many people tend to get confused between wrought iron and steel as materials for gates and fencing. Some dealers also go on to say that there’s no significant difference between wrought iron and steel gates. Well, this is completely bogus. Wrought iron is usually hand-made and requires fine craftsmanship and talent to work them into subtle designs and patterns. On the other hand, steel is mostly machine manufactured and lacks the details and top-quality finishing. While steel gates have a fair demand in the market as well, nothing beats the appeal and charm of custom wrought iron gates. The following are three factors that draw a clear comparison between these two popular materials used for gates and fencing. 

  • Strength & Durability: There’s no competition when it comes to the strength and durability offered by wrought iron gates. When manufactured by experienced and skilled artisans, you can expect fine quality that is extremely durable. On the other hand, steel gates come in cheaper quality, and factors like strength and durability are often compromised due to bulk manufacturing. 
  • Varied design options: As discussed earlier, wrought iron can be easily worked into a vast array of patterns and designs. As a result, you can get custom wrought that are designed as per your requirements and add visual appeal to the property. Whereas, steel gates do not offer many design customizations as compared to wrought iron. 
  • Longevity: Once installed rightly, wrought iron gates can last up to years without requiring any coatings, repairs, or replacements. Due to its low carbon content, wrought iron is less prone to weathering and corrosion. Wrought in Vancouver may seem a little expensive as compared to steel but yield long-term benefits. 
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The advantages of getting custom wrought are in abundance. Apart from being highly secure and aesthetic appealing, there are multiple other benefits of getting wrought for your property. Security has grown to be a major concern in recent times and it’s important to protect your property from intruders and other weather factors. At the same time, it is also essential to maintain the exterior. Appeal of the property and add to its perceived value. Some of the top advantages of installing wroughtare: 

  • Fine rust resistance – Since wrought iron is an alloy that is mixed with a material called slag, it exhibits superior rust resistance properties. The slag is fibrous in nature and ensures that the gates do not rust even. While being constantly exposed to dust, water, and moisture. Your gates will continue to remain in good condition for the longest time with no maintenance as such. 
  • Easy to repair – Although wrought iron gates do not break or require repairs very frequently, issues can be fixed easily in case of any damage. Certain parts of the gates that are damaged can be quickly repaired by a specialist in ironworks. You don’t have to get the entire gates replaced or fixed. 

Work of fine craftsmanship – Wrought iron gates in Vancouver are a fine work of craftsmanship that has the potential of adding artistic charm to your property. The high elasticity and ductility of wrought iron make structuring. Easy and can be easily worked into a variety of unique and elegant designs.

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