Is Rapid PCR test accepted for travel?

Have you planned to visit your dream destination this summer? Let us Rapid PCR guide you through a secure travelling process. 

Covid has made travelling difficult as the travelers must undergo multiple covid tests including an RT-PCR (Real time polymerase chain reaction) and PCR test. In the US, all inbound travelers must show their negative test results with vaccination cards before boarding. To overcome the problem of expensive covid pcr test, US Travel lab has brought to you a cost-effective solution.

What is a PCR test?


Polymerase Chain Reaction is a molecular lab test that’s mostly trusted for the diagnoses of genetic mutations and viral infections in the human DNA. PCR is a highly sensitive test as it can diagnose a virus at an early stage that any other test can miss. During a PCR test, multiple heating and cooling procedures are performed to generate accurate results. These results are calculated with the help of amplifications made from a single genetic specimen. The specimen can be collected from the nose, mouth, or blood of the patient and then this sample is amplified using the polymerase enzyme. 

Rapid Antigen Test 


RATs or covid lateral flow tests are used for the diagnoses of SARS-Cov-2 and its variants in the collected specimen. It’s a quick, convenient, and cheap way to test yourself. Usage of RATs for the detection of Covid-19 is approved by the WHO as they stated that a positive rapid antigen test assures the presence of virus in a sample. 

There’s a high possibility of false-positive results in RATs, therefore, ensure strictly following the mentioned guidelines to get accurate results. This whole procedure requires a maximum of 15-30 minutes, and each test kit requires different guidelines to be followed. Therefore, ensure your safety by carefully reading the instructions. 


Rapid PCR for Travelling 


In the US, a rapid antigen test is highly recommended and accepted whereas, it isn’t trusted much in Dubai. Airlines provide their own covid-test requirements list stating all the types of covid tests they accept and guidelines to be followed while performing them. Also, ensure getting yourself tested from an approved clinic/hospital as not get your test considered invalid in future. 

Apart from getting only tested, you must ensure keeping yourself safe while travelling with thousands of people under the same roof. Therefore, we’ve shortlisted some key SOPs that can lead you to a happy and healthy vacation. 

  1. Carry hand sanitizers, face masks and gloves. 
  2. Don’t run to avoid unintentional contact with others. 
  3. Walk at a safe distance of 6 feet. 
  4. Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth. 
  5. Avoid touching railings and door handles etc. 

PCR Test in Huntsville 


Every country has set their own covid PCR testing requirements and follow their own strategies to reduce the ratio of positive tests. People still contract covid-19 while being vaccinated therefore, US Travel Lab ensures. Keeping the prices of covid testing services affordable for everyone. The team of US Travel Lab offers a cost-effective PCR test near huntsville to defeat covid-19. Therefore, don’t suffer from severe symptoms, get your test done today! 

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