How to Start Selling your Custom-Made T-shirts Online

The 21st century has seen a rise in personal online businesses. No more do we have to set up a local shop and wait for customers to buy our products. Now we can let customers in through a virtual doorway. Moreover, one now has the option to choose Custom-Made from many substitutes that offer products at a reasonable price.

Therefore, why not set up your own shop to make the most of technology? If you are creative and are into customizing T-shirts and other clothing  items, why not start selling them? But first, you need quality blank apparel for customization. If you have a Next Level N6210 or Gildan G200, start customizing immediately!

Reasons why custom-made apparel is profitable:


Before diving into how to sell your customized apparel, we must look at a few things first. Why do you want to kick start with a custom-made apparel business? Here are some of the reasons to do it:

1: No entering barriers


Even though there is a lot of competition in this business, you do not have to worry about entering it! Therefore, you will not find any obstacles while entering. All you have to do is set up an online shop and reach out to potential customers. Overall, worry not whether someone will kick you off during your starting days.

2: Never-ending business


Simply put, it is an everlasting business and will not fade away. Customization is all a personal business that is making waves. Everyone can jump on the bandwagon and quickly start with it. Moreover, the art of customization itself can never fade. Therefore, enter into the world of profitability with minimal effort!

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3: Explore creativity


This business is for all the DIY artists out there. If you are a designer and what to see your designs on a T-shirt, then customized apparel is the right call. What can be more pleasing than making a living out of your creativity and hobby? Therefore, a custom-made business will make your ideas come to life!

4: Print-on-demand


Lastly, it is relatively affordable to start with this business. Moreover, you can save hidden and additional costs using the print-on-demand method. This method of production can save you inventory and shipping costs. Furthermore, wholesalers usually give out discounts on bulk purchasing. Therefore, make viable choices for your business.

Tips for selling custom-made T-shirts:


Now that we know the reasons for starting a customizable business, it is time to sell them. You must note down the following pointers before taking a jump:

1: Understand the audience


Know your market. Carry out thorough research to target the right audience. Often small businesses disappear from the start because they fail to target essential customers. Moreover, knowing the demographics would do you good in reaching out to a broad audience. Therefore, the right audience will advance your business.

2: Quality T-shirts


Next is to determine the high-quality blank apparel. You should work with a 100% cotton T-shirt as the fabric accommodates your printing method and designs. Moreover, choose the tee that caters to your target audience. Make sure to purchase different tee sizes to assist every body size. 

Find blank apparel that is of the right design and fit. T-shirts such as Next Level N6210 and Gildan G640 make a perfect choice for customization. Moreover, align yourself with a brand that delivers quality blank apparel, such as Gildan, Next Level, Hanes, etc. 

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3: Printing methods


Next, you must choose a printing method for the designs on your tees. There are many options available that can suit your business. However, the following two methods are the most preferred:

Screen Printing: This method gives off a good result. Applicable when you have various colors in your design. However, this option is best for individual sellers because it is useable only on a few shirts – usually, 10 to 15 shirts per print.

Digital Printing: Meanwhile, this method is used by small businesses and startups, especially if they want to have 50 or greater shirts customized. Use this when you have simple designs with fewer colors.

4: Designing shirts


Afterward, you need to start with the designs. You can either design using software such as Adobe Photoshop or Gimp or online platforms. Zazzle, Printful, etc., allow you to customize the blank apparel. Choose either from their pre-set templates or make one of your own. Remember the designing basics – simple is perfect.

5: Online presence


Since you have made it this far, it is now time to start selling! And what better way than selling your artwork online? Therefore, set up a digital presence. This business requires reaching a broad audience through social media accounts. Moreover, you can also set up a website and link your customers with it through emails. Have time on your side by selling your pieces through the internet!

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