Digital Surge – Best Bitcoin Platform Australia

The cryptocurrency market is growing massively in the financial world. Many young traders are showing interest in digital coins to make profits. In addition, it helps them to diversify their portfolio with the best services. 


Digital surge is a crypto exchange. It offers advanced services to traders and supports successful trading. Traders can customise, make good portfolios and enjoy many other benefits at the platform.


Here, we have a quick analysis of the and why it is the best bitcoin platform in Australia. 


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Understanding Digital Surge


Digital surge is a cryptocurrency exchange. It was founded by two people interested in buying and selling cryptos effortlessly. 


The exchange is an Australian Bitcoin exchange working with the motive of making digital money more technology friendly. It is trying to bring a revolution in the financial markets. 


The team of is trying to offer a safe and uniquely user-friendly Australian crypto exchange. 


The crypto exchange came up to support crypto trading and will stay. 


The facilities of the exchange include: 


  • Secure trading website 
  • Access to a digital wallet 
  • Free $10 bonus on sign-up 
  • No trading fee on AUD withdrawals 
  • Low spreads of 0.21%
  • A trading fee of 0.5% and lowers with high trade volume 
  • Crypto interest earning with 12 different coins 
  • More than 300 cryptocurrencies 
  • Best mobile app in Australia 
  • Live chat support 

Is Digital Surge Safe?


Digital surge provides its clients with the best security features. It has comprehensive security functions. There is two-factor authentication, encryption of SSL and using its IT team experience to be the safest trading platform. 

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Besides, traders can have the following security features with Digital surge: 


  • Cold and hot wallet storage 
  • Multi-layer security 
  • Regular security reviews and updates
  • Passwords are hashed and salted in the database 
  • Secure trading server 
  • Close network environments
  • Criminal background check of the employees 



Digital surge is the best bitcoin platform in Australia. It is because the trading platform has a range of features for the clients. So they can use them to make profitable market investments. 


Below we have the features of the Digital Surge cryptocurrency platform: 

Simple user-interface


Digital surge’s primary and most attractive feature is its ease of use. Traders can access the platform without trouble—a hassle-free and straightforward crypto trading platform. 


The professional team of Digital Surge has good IT experience. They use the power and knowledge to offer a user-friendly platform. Also, the dashboard of Digital Surge does not allow floundering. 


Easy to trade


The digital surge has an easy-to-trade process. Traders can quickly open their trading accounts and begin trading in less than two minutes. 


The trading platform offers high speed for the execution of trades. Thus, making it the best Bitcoin platform in Australia. 

Mobile App


The Bitcoin trading platform provides traders with convenient trading. They can download the mobile app on their devices and trade anywhere anytime. 


Thus, it makes it easier for traders to invest in crypto coins. In addition, traders can make investments in one click with services. 

Pay Bills 


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Digital Surge has a unique feature. It allows the traders to pay bills using Bitcoins. In addition, the platform is technology-friendly and tries to make the cryptos more innovative. 


As it is the best bitcoin platform, it provides bitcoin to make bill payments. Australian bills can be paid using the BPay facility at the trading platform. 

Advanced Tools 


Another feature of Digital Surge is the advanced tools it provides. Traders can use them to analyse the market. As a result, understand the market fluctuations and make the right trading decisions. 


Thus, the platform supports traders with the best of the digital market. 



Traders looking for Bitcoin trading with the most advanced services. Then Digital Surge is the perfect trading platform. It is the best Bitcoin trading platform in Australia and offers a range of services. 


In addition, traders can pay their bills using bitcoins in the country. Moreover, they enjoy many other features such as security, ease of trade, mobile apps and tools.

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