How to Draw Sad Anime

Sad cartoon in just six easy steps! Anime is one of the numerous famous forms of energy today. Produced mostly in Japan, this anime medium is valued worldwide, and you can wish to participate in further reports. Some have action-packed stories, while others can be sad, funny, scary, or a mix of all of these! The personality type is also very graphic and detailed, and anime expressions can bring a lot of feelings. However, it can also push it challenging to understand how to draw a melancholy anime nature. It won’t be an unbelievable challenge, though, and this tutorial delivers that it can be more comfortable than anticipated. Our step-by-step manual on removing unhappy anime in just six efforts will show you how it can be accomplished! sad drawings easy

How To Draw Sad Anime – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1

We’re moving to keep something relaxing in this first step of our principle on how to draw sad anime. The facial countenance will be the trickiest part of this drawing, so we’ll slowly progress towards that aspect throughout this guide. For now, we’ll outline this character’s hairstyle. The good news is that it’s very easy to do because you must pull a curved stripe. This unmarried line will function as both the flanks and the lid of the hairstyle, and we will add more details to it as we go. For now, let’s go for step 2 of the guide!

Step 2: Draw some more of the hairstyle.

You created the method of the coif in the first phase, and now you can start counting points to it in this stage of our direction on how to draw melancholy anime. For now, we will draw the hair on the face. As is common in anime styling, the hair will be made up of several pointed sections.

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Use curved lines ending in sharp ends for the different sections of hair falling on the face. You can try to reproduce the hair as it appears in our reference image by copying the lines if you have trouble with this part. We finally provided thick, curved lines for her eyebrows. They will be referred to at the angle we show in the image to help denote the sad expression we are looking for.


Step 3: Now, draw the beginning of the facial details. 

We will now move on to some of the trickier parts of this guide on how to draw sad anime.Don’t worry, though, as long as you follow the pictures carefully, you should have no problems! First, you can start by drawing his little sonorous eyes. These will have many curved line detail above them, and the eyelids drop slightly above them. Then we will shoot tears falling from the eyes. These will be drawn as a pool under the eyes and fall into chopped units. Once you have removed these rivers of tears, you can conduct this step by removing the contours of her look and ears.

Step 4 – Next, draw other details of her face

This part of your low anime picture will notice you depend on more additional facial features for her. First, we’ll draw his nose.

The nose will be drawn with a few small, simple lines under its eyes. After the nose, draw its slightly open mouth, planning for a rounded shape with a little hollow in the middle. This will do for her face now, so you can draw her neck and shoulders with simpler curved lines to complete this step. Then you’ll be ready to start adding the finishing touches and details in the next step!


Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your Sad Anime Drawing

You are now ready to add the final details in this step of our guide on how to draw sad anime.We’ll paint this character to look like his face is flushing as he cries, and to represent him, we’ll make a hatched pattern just above his nose. You’re ready for the final step when you’ve drawn that blushing detail! Before continuing, you can also add your additional details. What can you think of adding to this image to personalize it even more?

Step 6: Finish your sad anime drawing with color.

This last step of your sad anime drawing will allow you to finish it with color. This is a stage where you have a lot of freedom in how you can color it.

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