Kudremukh Trek: Everything you need to know about

As the adventure sports are coming in tends and trekking among them is becoming one of the most famous ones, then some states in India are becoming more and more popular due to trekking. Karnataka is among one of the most famous and thrilling tourist destinations for trekking in India.Today we are going to talk about one particular trekking spot located in Karnataka, i.e. The Kudremukh Trek.



As the craze for trekking is increasing so is the increase in the demand for new and mysterious trekking destinations. Kudremukh hills are located in the Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka.These  are  at a distance of 20 km from Kalasa, a city in Karnataka. Bengaluru is 280 kms away from kudremukh. Kudremukh is  a mountain range and  a national park which is currently one of the most trendy tourist destination  for trekking. Apart from the main trail to the kudremukh, there are many other trails like Kurinjal peak, and many more.


How to reach:

For reaching Kudremukh, buses are the only means of travel which runs from mangalore  which is at a distance of 100 km away  and takes 2hours and 15 minutes for the journey.


The nearest  railway station  to kudremukh is also located in Mangalore which mis connected to various cities across the country.


The nearest airport to kudremukh is located in Mangalore too, which is 93 km away  from the Kudremukh ranges. You can take  any means of road transport like taxi or buses for travelling to kudremukh..


Best time to  visit kudremukh:

Summers in karnataka start from March and last till May, and this is the best  time for visiting Kudremukh ranges. A variety of flora and fauna can be seen during the trek in summer season. The temperature in kudremukh region is generally in the range of 32 degree celsius but can sometimes go up to 37 degrees.

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If you plan to go for winters then, going around February is the best time as Karavali, a popular festival in kudremukh lies in the month of february.So make sure to visit kudremukh during that time.

Terrain difficulty:

The  Kudremukh trek can be considered as moderate when we speak about the difficulty.

Kudremukh trek is 20-24 kms  in length and requires almost two days for getting full trek experience.

The trip to kudremukh is divided into two parts-

1)- trip to the top of the kudremukh peak.

2)-  Trip to the somavati falls.

You should be able to complete each part of the trek in one day each itself.


So, if we speak on an overall basis, then we can consider that the terrain in the kudremukh trek is challenging but also worthy enough to try with your family.

Reasons to do the trek

The word kudremukh means a Horse face in the kannada language.The name is given to the hills due to the horse face shaped peak of the hills.

Kudremukh is a region containing a variety of flora and fauna. You can spot a variety of animals like deer, peacock and many more scenes of the wild nature that you would have never seen. The landscape of the kudremukh trek is as mesmerising as the flora and fauna. You would pass through the forests, rolling hills, mind blowing valleys, soothing grasslands and many small streams of water during the trek.

Moreover, the peak of the kudremukh hills is at an altitude of 6,207 feet, which is the this largest peak in Karnataka after Mullayyangiri and Baba Budangiri. So you surely would not wanna miss the majestic view that this trek has to offer you.

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Places to visit in kudremukh


While you are in kudremukh, there are many places to visit in the kudremukh itself. Some of them are as follows:

  1. – Kudremukh national park.
  2. – Hanuman Gundi falls
  3. -Kalasa
  4. -Gangamoola
  5. -Janta market
  6. -horanadu
  7. -Kadambi falls

And much more………………….

About local festivals :

Many festivities are celebrated in thi region.Some of them are as follows:

  1. Karavali festival which is celebrated in the month of february.During the festival, a variety of dance forms are also performed by the people of this region, like, demon dance, nagamandala and demon worship, etc.
  2. Navratri festival is also celebrated with great joy here. 


As a conclusion we get to know that this trek to kudremukh is an unforgettable experience and will not make you regret any moment that you have spent here. This trek would surely lighten up your mood and boost your enthusiasm. So I would recommend you atleast go to this trek for once.

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