10 Tips to Improve English Writing Skills

We spend most of our time in school, college, or in the office by writing emails, reports, assignments, projects, and so on. There are many students who might struggle with writing in english. Writing is the thing that we are doing and have known for a long time. When we are writing in English, even if we made a small mistake it will be easily identifiable since almost every school and college considers English as their base language. But have you ever wondered how good your English writing skills are?

We may have written for the sake of school and college work. If you are aiming for the jobs in which writing is the sole purpose like content writing, assignment help writing, economics homework help writing, blog writing, and wanting to be an author, then you have to think about your grammar and choice of words. It is really easy to write anything in perfect English, if you put in the required effort. You have to know about your weak points in both writing and in grammar and should try to improve them. Here are some tips which are useful for improving your English writing skills. 


Important of good writing skills:

Having good writing skills and a good writing style will make your communication better with the client at work. If your assignment and reports are well written, you will get good credits. It will impress your teacher or tutor. The awesome writing style without any grammatical and logical errors will make your writing scream with confidence. It will help your content to reach the audience and create the effect that you want them to be.

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  1. Learn the basics: 

Before starting writing, learn the basic elements of writing. Do some research on spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and writing structure. After you get familiar with it, start writing a draft on an already defined topic. After completing your essay, compare it with the original essay. Check where you are lacking in writing. Take notes on those mistakes and work on them. The quality of your content also decides your quality of writing skills. Practice it until you are able to write an essay with a minimal amount of errors.


  1. Identify your writing skill:

There are many different types of writing skills like assignment help writing, homework help writing, etc. out there. You have to pick a writing skill or identify which one is yours. There are four types of writing skills, they are expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative styles. Some topics can be written in any of these styles. But for some topics, you have to pick a style that is suitable for the topic. Expository writing style exposes the facts and information as it is. It is a creative type of writing that focuses on getting that specific fact clearly and straight to the point.

It is mainly used in newspapers, articles, and newsletters. Descriptive writing describes every little thing detailed to the readers. This type of writing style is used to write novels and poems. Persuasive writing is used to write an argumentative topic. It will make the readers understand the author’s perspective and the argument that the author makes. It is used in speeches and in academic writing. Narrative writing narrates a story. This style is commonly found in fiction stories. According to the topic and type of content that you have to write, choose an appropriate writing style.

  1. Keep practicing:

Don’t give up writing after you have done your work. It is important to keep practicing your writing. Choose any random topic and write an essay for about 2 or 3 pages. If you are struggling with any words or sentences, you can see them online. After that, continue finishing your essay. Once you are finished read line by line and find out whatever the errors are. If you are not sure about yourself, ask for help from your friends or tutor. They can take a look at your essay and let you know the parts you need to improve on are. 

  1. Read more:
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Read as much as you can. Reading will help you to recognize more new vocabulary. You can look up the online or dictionary to know about the various new vocabularies. Reading articles and content on various sites will get you familiar with professional writing. When you are reading, don’t just read the content, try to understand the writing style, how they are using the words and how it is structured. Take notes on it and if possible try to put that into your writing.

  1. Unnecessary words and adverbs:

Avoid including unnecessary words and adverbs. If you want your readers to pay attention to your content without any distraction, it is advisable to avoid those unnecessary words. If any sentence does not convey the meaning of your content, then omit it. Readers are not a fan of lengthy essays, so keep your essay short and simple. Lengthy essays may distract the readers and make your essay boring and uninteresting.

  1. Edit your work:

After completing your essay, then comes the editing part. Before editing, read your whole essay and edit your work. The editing part should be done whatever the content you are writing. If it is work-related, then you have to pay attention to every line. Even a minor mistake can take the credit away, so make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

  1. Avoid clichés:

Since clichés are easy and simple to use. We often might add it everywhere without our knowledge. Don’t use it more than two or three times. It may make your writing lengthy by including any unnecessary clichés and words.

  1. Using Voices:

Learn to use active and passive voice according to your sentence. It is advisable to use an active voice while writing. It will be clear and straightforward. Passive voice will be used for papers like scientific reports and research.

  1. Writing with the perfect grammar:

When you are writing content in English, it is important to make sure each and every sentence of your content is grammatically correct. Even a small and silly grammatical error can make your reader lose interest in reading your essay. No one wants to read content that is grammatically incorrect.

  1. Use applications that are helpful:

Since English is the global and common language which is used throughout the world.  There are many online applications and websites that will help you with your English writing. You can check and correct the grammatical errors in online applications like Grammarly and so on. These applications will be greatly helpful if you are writing on deadline. It will speed up the process of writing.

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